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With thousands of streaming video cameras being recorded across the USA, we're catching accidents on film every single day!

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Thousands of Cameras, At Your Fingertips

There are cameras on all major roadways and RoadProof is recording in a growing number of states across the country. We recently hit the “Record” button on your state. Spots are limited. Here's a quick look at some recent accidents we have footage of.


Your Questions, Answered

Here are some of the most common questions we get about RoadProof.

How exactly are law firms using RoadProof?

Law firms are using RoadProof to search for accident footage for their existing clients. If the footage exists, then RoadProof has it recorded. Once they've found it, they can download it with the click of a button. Having video of the accident allows them to quickly settle cases with insurance companies because fault is no longer unknown.

How are firms using RoadProof for clients they haven't signed up yet?

Firms are also using the system to vet potential new leads in order to see if they have a case that's viable to the firm. Determining fault can be complicated. Video evidence quickly allows you to make decisions on which cases you want to take and which you can't afford to waste the time on.

Once I sign up, how long until I get access to recordings?

It takes about a week from the date of you paying your one time set-up fee before your account is ready and you're given access to the system.

Can anyone get a RoadProof License?

RoadProof's Unlimited Membership, tailored for the needs of your firm. It allows your firm to access the video recordings for the state(s) you are subscribed to. Book a demo today to discuss your Unlimited Membership options.